Ep. 77: Joy Maziar | Divine Bodies Ascending in Heaven on Earth

Joy Maziar is the founder of Holistic Intuitive Bodywork and has had a successful private practice, transforming the lives of individuals and groups for over 11 years. She travels internationally offering her vast experience and expertise as a bodyworker, health consultant, yoga practitioner and now InnerGuidanceTM Facilitator and IG Coach in training.

Known for her impeccability, passion for service and innate ability to activate lasting results, Joy, as a life long learner and contributor, is offering IGI Signature programs in Bali and co-creating bodywork healing programs with Amara Samata, Founder of InnerGuidanceTM International.

Her unique hands-on approach was developed as a result of sharing her bodywork with hundreds of people of all ages and health conditions in the last 11 years. Using Myofascial Release, cupping therapy, and essential oil therapy combined to help relax and nurture any client and meet them exactly where they are both physically and emotionally. Joy believes that her main task is to activate ‘the inner healer within” and restores the body to it’s natural state of vibrancy by harmonizing internal energy flow, and releasing trauma and other stagnant energy stored within the fascia and cellular memory.

Joy’s intuitively guided massage techniques are complemented by her extensive understanding and use of pure essential oils for a thoroughly therapeutic and sensory experience. Integrated TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) methods such as cupping, facilitate the movement of ‘chi’ (life-force), and any stagnancies, opening and freeing the body’s natural energy channels.

In this ascension activation episode of Visionary Souls, we jammed on…

  • What Joy is noticing in her evolution and language right now
  • What’s keeping her most present and attuned to her life, her journey right now
  • How she rises to be in integrity and be in excellence
  • How we’re always in practice of being and remembering how to be ourselves with one another
  • How she supports high frequency beings in being themselves
  • How to create a new game for your most desirable with full power and integrity
  • Living in integrity and truth; and not living in a lie
  • What is the most nourishing thing she can share with an individual

And SOUL much more…come play!

Connect with Joy:
Website: www.holisticintuitivebodywork.com
Instagram: @joy_maziar
Facebook: Holistic Intuitive Bodywork

Additional Resources to support you in your Awakening Journey:

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