Sacred Soul Immersion // Mount Shasta Recap

Embodying the new paradigms we most desire experiencing requires complete and total presence, surrender and allowing for the divine to surprise us, amaze us, expand us to receive that which has always been ours to hold and remember.

Our nature is love, presence, patience, healing, unity, compassion.

Fear, contraction, dis-ease and separation are learned conditional behaviors that can easily be unlearned, deprogrammed, pattern interrupted as soon as you choose. 

When held in loving space with divine mirrors always reminding you of your true essence simply by looking in their eyes – you remember you are creator and creation at once, dancing in truly infinite possibilities in one quantum leap after the next, deeper into this now moment.

More yourself than you’ve ever been. Tasting your love and presence deeper with every breathe.

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Feeling the miracle of this body and this soul choosing to be here in this heavenly experience we are so blessed to explore.

Words that don’t resonate with the highest truth and integrity no longer resonate with the high frequency reality you know you’re always creating.

We require new language to birth this New Earth, and we do it together in presence, coherence, thru expressing our authentic present experiences and felt insights.

We do it through BEING and FEELING together and simply allowing the divine intelligence orchestrating all to give us the perfect medicine in the most perfect ways always in perfect time.

So we grow, evolve, expand, remember and embody all that we are and all that we’ve always been meant to be.

Heaven on Earth is here, are you playing?

Infinite gratitude to my soul family tribe who said yes to this cosmic call to activate such a magnificent portal together this last week. I’m honored to know you and walk with you and be with you again on this pioneering journey of re-sanctifying all that we feel to be true and utterly real: angels, spirits, earth guardians, ancient wisdom, magic and miracles; the stuff of cosmic royalty, of gods and goddesses, of infinite power Embodied in divine human form. 💎

I love our love, in all the ways our hearts love to sing 💕

As one 💎😇

August 7-11, 2019 <3

Published by Sydney Campos


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