Ep. 66: Richard Haight | Awakening to Oneness + Communing with Christ

Richard L. Haight is a bestselling author, and an instructor of meditation, healing and martial arts. As a young man, he moved to Japan, where he spent 15 years training in the ancient arts. Haight is one of a small handful of foreigners to have earned masters licenses in both martial and therapy traditions in Japan.

During his life, a series of profound visions guided him to the realization of the Oneness of which the ancient spiritual sages often spoke. Guided by mystical visions, Haight developed a unique approach to the martial, meditation, and healing arts that he inherited, which transforms those arts into spiritual paths free of dogma and tradition.

Through his books, meditation classes, and his spiritual awakening retreats, Haight is spreading a practical spirituality that is free of all constraints. Richard now lives and teaches in Oregon, U.S.A.

In this awakening episode of Visionary Souls, we discussed…

  • Richards catalytic awakening moment when he dreamed about Jesus in sorrow asking him for help to find his bones when he was 8 years old for about 6 months
  • How going to Japan and learning martial arts is not just about technique but having good character and becoming aware of your inner space
  • How the search for our personal identity causes our suffering
  • The critical role the Samurai Arts played in Richard’s awakening process
  • How running away from perceived pressures, fears and pain reinforces our sense of separation
  • Critical lessons from resting after an injury: you are not your memory and your worth isn’t determined by what you do

And SOUL much more…come play!

Connect with Richard:

Youtube: Tools of Spiritual Awakening with Richard L Haight
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/richardlhaightauthor/
Embodied Meditation Course: https://www.soulhub.net/broadcast/richard

Additional Resources to support you in your Awakening Journey:

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