Bliss requires devotion. Your dream life requires discipline. Are you actually all in on being who you’re required to be to receive what you say you desire? Be honest.

Can you hear yourself? Are you actually willing to do what it takes or are you pretending or convincing yourself to follow someone else’s path, still not making your decisions for you?


Ultimately its up to you – I only invite you to come play with me in a mentoring container, on a retreat, a VIP day, in one of my courses, in a 1:1 intuitive soul session…really if you want to be intimately connected in anyway in my life whatsoever, you gotta play ALL IN.

And you’re the only one who can say in full honesty if that’s what’s true – you know if you’re hiding. You might say you’re willing to do what it takes to have the shiny beautiful bliss life you say you want. But wait till the initiations come which they most certainly will – how do you show up then?

Do you run away and try to fix it all first so you can maintain some appearance/mask that you’re good and everything’s fine…or do you ask for help? Do you allow yourself to receive support? Do you allow yourself to be seen for who you really are in all your divine imperfection?

Anchoring in your purpose and living in alignment with who you really are is the most intimate journey there is. It requires incredible vulnerability which is really strength and your superpowers of connection and compassion.

Your soul knows you’re here to expand and grow and FLY into absolute infinite levels of bliss, joy and whatever else you want.

But receiving what you say you want requires surrender and release of the old parts of you that aren’t in resonance with your truth, your values, your devotion to your soul.

When fear arises do you let it run your life or do you know who you are so fully that you’ve got you no matter what and you simply allow fear to be a guiding discernment on your path towards more expansion and delight?

Sometimes you feel resistance with me in particular because the way I address you triggers the parts of you that aren’t yet willing to be seen and fully felt. I often summon out from within you a power/potency/directness that’s wanting to be released and the longer you hold onto it and continue trying to self-forget, the more painful the repression will become.

It’s such an energy drain to hide your power, isn’t it?

So tell me love…do you want to fall in love with life? Do you want to create epic abundance in all moments? Do you want to PLAY ALL IN? Do you want to embody your full power? Do you want to be of excellent service to yourself and those you’re called to serve? Do you want to quantum leap into clarity around your offerings and soul service? Do you want to thrive, fully and completely? Do you want to trust yourself and know who you are and why you are really here?

If you’re not ready for that, that’s fine – most people aren’t actually even if they say they are. Quantum leaping requires fierce courage and devotion to truth no mater that.

Call me when you’re ready and perhaps we can play again some other time. But if you are feeling a yes deep down and you’re ready to LEAP, I’m ready when you are. You are always the only one who can really decide.

Published by Sydney Campos


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