Instant Energetic Alignment Upgrades

Energetic Alignment Hacks..the simplest steps can have the most profound impact on how we flow our power, our innate wisdom, trust our intuition, FEEL ourselves fully..and shine.

Some fun things I’ve noticed deeply supporting more power being able to flow through this divine vessel…
Deleting ALL my old phone contacts, literally I had like 3K people in my phone from all the years including hundreds of people I don’t even remember from other lifetimes and from when I was in recovery (hundreds of people with AA in their name LOL who I haven’t spoken to in years). I used this app on iPhone to do it quickly.
Deleting ALL facebook messages, same thing as above – any open messages for me actually imply an exchange of psychic space and open energy that at this level of transmission I am currently called to embody I simply can’t have open in any capacity. It feels so good to let go and close all the loops and simply release the attachments to “what if..” or whatever the old conversations maybe left hanging in the is the app I used to do so quickly.
Clearing out physical space and releasing all material possessions that are not in alignment with my highest excitement, including interestingly enough some brand products I aligned myself with in the last 2 months sharing openly as recommended products that I found supportive then but no longer resonate with. In our rapid upgrading ascension journey its so important to honor falling out of resonance with particular things-people-places-truths-messages-commitments that even recently maybe felt supportive but suddenly no longer do. I gave a ton of things away, closed energetic loops in which I was promoting said products (removed from Instagram, website, youtube, etc. and any other spaces wherein I have an energetic imprint of connection to these channels/products/messages).
Clearing gunk out of computer, going thru all ancient downloads, photos and un-used applications that are simply taking up space. Its time consuming but eventually you notice an immediate clarity and openness of more flow and easier access to intuitive insight and presence..clear the space to allow yourself to receive more of what’s truly available to you in ever now moment..especially if you’re using your computer all the time like me for writing world-changing books and making epic magic..its so important to treat our digital space as we do our physical space as we do our beautiful sacred body temple space.
Deleting more friends on facebook who I simply don’t resonate with at all who feel know immediately without even reading their stuff, you can feel the energy emitting a needy-ness, negativity, unconscious trauma, victim mentality or inauthenticity that I simply don’t want to expose myself to – and so many people I’ve never even met who somehow psychically we have a connection and perhaps at one time had a resonance but in the last week especially I feel so many timelines shifting and only continuing to accelerate in terms of contrast..some people who you used to resonate with will suddenly feel like they’re communicating in an entirely different language which you’ll feel you can no longer even understand.

Let it go, trust the timelines guiding everyone to our highest potential and divinity embodiment.

We all have different roles we are called to serve in our most aligned, empowered, activated destinies..

I trust you to trust YOU. You know the way for you. You know whats true. You know what feels best. You know you are here to serve a powerful purpose. You are such a powerful being, I honor you for being YOU in all the ways only YOU can be.

 Up, up, up and deeper In, In, In we FLOW…

And so it is <3

xx Syd


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