Know This In Your Bones

Intense vibes this week, heads up love <3

Feeling it already?

I recommend alone time, rest and restoration as much as possible, time in nature, practicing self care and self love as your new way of life..not just a routine..but a way of being.

And ask for support if you need it. You don’t ever need to do anything alone or feel alone in this ascension journey.

You are called to meet you more deeply than ever, yet..but there are so many others who resonate too and can mirror back to you the feelings and experiences you’re having that maybe feel ungrounding or like you’re the only person who could possibly ever relate – trust you’re not alone.


This is why I love gathering people together in person in retreats and in sacred containers – we can feel so held and supported and seen and as such – incredible healing simply happens when we relax and rest into this beautiful present moment as fully here, willing to receive, open to learning, open to seeing anew..and so it is.

My next upcoming retreat is July at the Omega Institute all about energy mastery, intuition, conscious communication, intimacy and embodied wholeness – feeling totally at home in your energy, your body, your intuition, and feeling your full power come online to fly into your life beyond your wildest dreams and then some…

I have two spots to join me in Shasta this August. Apply if you feel the call to embody your sacred soul, attune to the akashic records (and deepen in your channeling), activate alignment in your purpose, power, pleasure and prosperity consciousness and most of all – connect with the most beautiful powerful soul family from across the world – a true cosmic reunion for sure.

After Shasta is ODYSSEY in November. Have you signed up and applied and gotten IN yet? Heaven on earth embodied and fully activated, now. Come play.

Then in December its BALI DIVINITY CODES time beloveds..I have 3 spaces left for this intimate journey. Would love to have you apply if you’re called to come activate your highest alignment and embody divinity in your beautiful Heaven on Earth life, all the ways..this will be the last Bali retreat for now <3SO back to this moment, this week this energy.

Your victim consciousness and any remnants of illusions therein are being slayed, for good. Can you feel it?

Know this in your bones.

Nothing and no one is in control of your present moment happiness but you.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable, anxious, fearful, obsessive, contracted in anyway – can you allow yourself to feel what’s underneath the presenting pain your ego wants to dismiss as a problem to try to solve as soon as possible?

Can you imagine there’s nothing to fix?
Instead can you see your true invitation as feeling all the way what wants to surface beneath the supposed fear and worry that dominate your life in so many moments?
Underneath your fear and anxiety about the future is a deep knowing you are here to thrive and expand in extraordinary ways but perhaps you haven’t let yourself deserve that dream fully and know in every cell it’s your destiny to receive it.
Under your obsession about fitting in and being loved is a sadness, grief and longing for all the ways you’ve abandoned yourself, your truth, your desires to please others, as though that would ensure survival.
Under your scarcity consciousness and fear of running out of money or not having what you need to feel taken care of is a deeply repressed personal power that withholds your genius gifts + aliveness from being fully shared as the ultimate activator of abundance.
How much energy do you waste and drain away worrying? Worry is simply control in disguise. Control is contraction, the opposite of your divinity which knows trust and surrender are your blueprint.
Instead of being here – how often are you in the past or the future?
It’s not your fault if you were taught these massively programmed survival-oppression tactics but you’re consciousness now is awakening and it is your fault if you don’t take responsibility to change.

You’re not a victim to your circumstance.

Or to anything or anyone at all that’s led you to believe by no conscious fault of their own what they too took on as a failed survival illusion.

Trans-generational trauma is like that: it seeks to repeat itself to validate insanity, to rationalize wrongdoing and soul suffering because until made conscious your false identity seeks corroboration in a wounded reality.

So, now, what do you choose?

If you’re feeling stuck know you’re not alone, ever. You may be being asked to face yourself more deeply than you ever have, to fully feel your depth, and fully receive the messages and healing available right now always in service to your highest alignment and divinity embodiment in this now.
If you desire support on your journey, it’s available in so many abundant forms – just ask, and receive.
See you on the other side – this week is a potent energy portal leading up to the full moon this weekend, the entire planet – our bodies – our souls is/are undergoing a huge paradigm reorientation perhaps in the most massive sense we’ve ever known in this lifetime.
Initiations into greater integrity, sovereignty, true divine union as within so without. You wouldn’t be here right now in this moment especially reading these words if you weren’t absolutely prepared to hold all that’s here and all that’s to come.
You are being reconditioned to hold such an extraordinary light, the truth of who you really are, with such incredible gifts and fruit to bear. Love your shadow, love your darkness and seek your depth – you are the medicine my love.
How you take care of you is how you take care of all.
All is love and anything else is a hallucination.
You’ve got this.
Remember you are a warrior.

You wouldn’t have chosen to be here now otherwise.

I love you. Thank you for BEING.

X Syd

Tune in with me below for an epic Energy Activation for Genius Embodiment + Purpose Alignment, come play!

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