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If you’re called to join our family of 333 light worker luminary leaders activating the new narratives of Power, Pleasure, Purpose and Prosperity starting now and when we gather in person this November 8-11, here’s your invitation. This is a movement, a community, a support container that’s already amplifying incredibly beautiful energy, resources and cross pollination to manifest our highest callings in the more beautiful world we know in our hearts is possible.

Currently we are calling in DJs, live artists, healers of all modalities, facilitators with an inspiration to deliver particular training and activation in support of new paradigm leadership, conscious communication, energy mastery, radical authenticity and more, plus movement / vibe-setters for morning and embodiment practice throughout our convergence and ceremonialists, sound healers and performers.

There are lots of ways to be of service in this beautiful journey which is already activating everyone involved with heightened creativity, amplified vision, magnetic momentum and of course the joy of knowing you’re so supported by soul family who are here to always hold you to your highest!

Coming soon for everyone that officially activates the container with their ticket and booked accommodations are bi-monthly mastermind calls, opportunities for facilitators to share their genius and garner support for their offerings, creative strategy sessions for actionable steps / building blocks to act our greatest aligned desires into being, working groups assembling to co-create offerings and projects leading up to Odyssey, and so much more!!

Odyssey 2019 stands for action and embodiment of all the principles we are investigating, not just gathering and sound good and looking good..what are we actually contributing and co-creating? What is the legacy we want to leave? What are we giving as our collective gift to this beautiful planet, to ourselves, to each other?

Tune into the vision here + Let’s PLAY.

Here’s the latest on the Odyssey vision since launch plus a special future vision meditation to activate your quantum self.

In only a few weeks pricing for Odyssey 2019 increases. Right now there are 20 tickets remaining for Early Activators to support officially igniting this container! I’m so excited to share all the behind the scenes movement that’s been catalyzing over the last few weeks since we launched.

As you may have heard already, this isn’t a conventional gathering by any means. Everyone attending Odyssey applies to participate, purchases a ticket and books accommodations at 1440 Multiversity such that everyone is entering our container within an equal playing field. There are no spectators, hierarchies or special treatment of speakers vs. attendees. Everyone contributes their uniqueness to the space.

Each ticket to Odyssey comes fully loaded with the same amount of money per person to then be played with throughout the convergence – gifted as sacred honorarium for speakers, healers, and facilitators (or anyone else in the space) that share impact in meaningful ways. Instead of charging a set speaking fee for example, imagine your speaking engagement being crowdsourced from amongst the most engaged, intelligence, high-vibe visionary group you’ve ever met.

Furthermore everyone who gets a ticket and then invites others into join will receive $111 honorarium for everyone they invite who fulfills the booking process. There are so many win-wins infused throughout this process – how light, playful, powerful and abundant can this entire journey feel?! Starting now.

ODYSSEY is an invitation into fully embodying the principles of a 5D reality which everyone has a gift to give, everyone has a unique genius to contribute and all are held accountable as radical investors in our shared vision for liberation and human-unity.

In creating a convergence that is genuinely new and innovative, we must begin to build the kinds of containers that are energetically infused with the kind of integrity and authenticity we desire to live in every moment.

Can you feel the difference between the old and new?

This is how we play in Heaven on Earth ❤️

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