Ep. 53: Taylor Wilkins: How To Speak Your Truth + Own Your Power

Taylor owns a company in which he offers Secret Self Coaching. Secret Self Coaching guides individuals to eliminate their limiting beliefs, define the unique power they offer, and strategize how to contribute that offering to the world. Taylor introduces them to their internal Self that they have kept hidden but which is the source of confidence and purpose. With nearly a decade of crisis mental health experience, Taylor immediately takes clients to a depth that they have craved but have not given themselves permission to pursue. Taylor’s coaching serves the connection between work, relationships, and health, and in doing so frees clients from settling in a career and a life that does not fulfill them.

In this episode of VISIONARY SOULS Podcast LIVE I interviewed Coach + Authenticity Activator Taylor Wilkins who I serendipitously met in a magical co-working space while visiting Salt Lake City on my book tour.

In this epic soul transmission we cover incredible expansive HEALING consciousness awakening topics such as..

* Healing your inner child to activate full embodied authenticity
* The root of depression and anxiety and how to transcend these energies fully to be who you came here to be
* How your trauma always leads to your greatest gifts
* Family dynamics and social conditioning at the root of feeling disempowered from BEING who you truly want to be
* Unconscious identities programmed into your reality and belief system through survival

Connect with Taylor:

Instagram: @thetailoredquill

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