Ep. 52: Elizabeth Sampey | Choose Your Own Adventure: Resilience + Sovereignty through PTSD

Elizabeth Sampey is a professional adventure athlete, focused on multisport expeditions and endurance mountain bike racing around the world.  She is a body alchemist,  facilitating transformation in and through the physical body, via her multi-dimensional mentoring, consultation and coaching work, teaching at retreats and workshops, and adventure/impact storytelling via public speaking, writing, and media content creation. 

She is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Reiki energy healer, and loves combining her expertise in both Eastern and Western medicine to merge body, mind, and soul for optimal human performance.  Follow her on Instagram at @elizasampey, on Facebook and Medium at Elizabeth Sampey and check out more of her work at www.vitalmotionlife.com

Going DEEP ((you know that’s the ONLY way we know how to flow)) into:

* De-stigmatizing trauma like PTSD to actually allow yourself to heal
* Facing the truth of who you are requires willingness to go INTO fear of being fully alive, powerful and present for receiving and flowing all the love you are
* How our worst tragedies often teach us the greatest lessons and therefore bring forth our greatest strengths
* How sharing your healing journey can activate others’ unprocessed trauma (and how that has nothing to do with you)
* Getting to the root of family programming and inherited family patterns to set yourself free from undesirable unconscious behavior
* Trauma is key for cultivating resilience, strength and more magnetism
* Sharing tons of healing modalities and somatic experiences to help process old stagnant energy out of your system to feel more like you
* Reframing our western understanding of medicine and symptoms-based service to one of energetic/spiritual excavation – the issues are in your tissues

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Connect with Elizabeth:

Instagram: @elizasampey
Facebook: Vital Motion Life
Facebook: Elizabeth Sampey

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