Ep 47: Adamas Incendia | Liberation: The Ancient Remedy For Awakened Living

Adamas Incendia studied English and classics at Rhodes university in South Africa and then homoeopathy and naturopathy in Australia which he finished in 2000. He has been practising as a homoeopathic doctor in South Africa ever since while also working with various plant medicines and developing a unique range of alchemical formulations to cater to a more enlightened and discerning audience. Adamas has a profound commitment to the skills required to bring about swift, beautiful and radical healing and he uses all the tools at his disposal including plant medicine, higher Buddhist practises and his own unique methodology and formulation of homoeopathy which he has found to seriously accelerate the healing process. This has all been born from 18 years of clinical experience in the field and a relentless commitment to finding the most elegant swift and powerful means to bring about lasting change.

Adamas’ latest creation Liberation The Remedy is an ancient remedy for the modern age of awakened living and is the culmination and fruition of all his work and experimentation to create a substance simultaneously deep acting, powerful yet gentle.

In this episode I interview the creator of Liberation The Remedy on where this ancient alchemical concoction comes from, what its made of and how it is here to help us deeply align and heal on our ascension journey. We also cover the following topics:
– Trauma healing in the body
– How Liberation works in dream time to support release of unconscious patterns and karma
– How ancient plant medicines and alchemical compounds are integrated in this formula to activate and sustain multidimensional healing
– How our cellular structure is effected as the Earth’s frequency rises
– What happens when we can fully let go of attachment to the past to be truly present
– How Liberation supports us in being masterful manifestors

Connect with Adamas:

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