Bali Awaken + Ascend New Years Retreat 2019

I woke up with the direct download to change my Bali retreat name to AWAKEN + ASCEND.

Transform and Transcend is so 2018. It implies working and efforting doesn’t it?

From now onwards we simply awaken, and allow what is no longer ours to carry to ascend back to source as we simultaneously allow our light bodies to activate, our senses come online fully alive, our intuition to ignite and our lives to flow in perfect order according to our divine desires.

Awaken to your hearts true desires. 
Learn to listen fully and completely to your soul.

Trust your unknown calling to leap. 
And then leap again. 
Until this becomes your dance of life.
Informing all the ways you consciously create your dream life reality. 
In instantaneous quantum leaps.


Why not? 
Because you can. 
You were made for this.
And you’ve done so much work to arrive.

Now it’s time to let go and allow. 
Let your magnetic power flow and integrate.
And manifest in ways more beautiful than you could have ever planned.

Rest easy into the divine knowing you are so supported. 
By your own soul, by this beautiful life unfolding.
You deserve and desire the best, so receive it.

Feel at perfect peace and ease trusting your heart centered soul vision to guide you from now on. 
Listen like your life depends on it.
In the most joyful loving ways.

Breathe into your infinite expansion. 
And feel the divinity you are.

Would you like to play your most extraordinary game? 
Each and every moment choosing your rules? 
Your cosmic calling awaits beloved.
Can you feel your it as though it’s here now?

Awaken to the divinity you are.
Ascend into your own Heaven on Earth.
Embody your multidimensionality.

It’s time to FLY and FLOW.

Your paradigm shift is here.

Will you come PLAY?

Apply ⏩ Here

Published by Sydney Campos


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