Ep 42: Lisa Romano | It’s Not You, It’s Your Programming: Healing Codependency


Lisa Romano is a Certified Life Coach and an expert in the field of CODEPENDENCY and NARCISSISTIC ABUSE. She is also a bestselling author, speaker, and popular Youtube Vlogger. Lisa runs online coaching programs that are proving to help wounded adult children, some of whom have had years of conventional therapy and who have also tried various types of medication, learn to heal their lives through her unique healing approach.











Lisa believes strongly in the idea that isolated and wounded adult children benefit greatly from being in the company of other healing, empathetic, abuse survivors, so therefore hosts live events throughout the year to help facilitate the human connection between those who so often feel forgotten.

On this episode, Lisa tells us about how she initially believed she was all to blame for everything negative that happens to her, how down she would feel – but eventually, she got back up on and pushed forward.

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