Finding Your Truth Path

Super stoked to be a part of this epic series launching 10/24 with Beth Weinstein!!

Get in here to join us! 

Unlike most “trainings” that only give information…when you join this teaching series, you’ll get transformation.

true path.png

You’ll get 50% concrete business action steps and 50% “inner” actions (i.e., deep mindset work, how to release blocks, managing energy, manifesting, etc.) PLUS you’ll learn…

*How to grow your passion-based business from entrepreneurs who’ve already hit 6- and 7-figures in their businesses.

*How to merge business, spirit, money and soul so you can help more people in a deeper way and attract abundance at the same time.

*How to harness all the metaphysical, spiritual, emotional and even physical aspects of entrepreneurship. Why? Because soul-based business requires you to be in full alignment with your purpose!

*How to finally get unstuck, align with your purpose, liberate your heart…and raise your vibration so you attract like-minded clients (and income) with ease.

*The biggest mistakes successful conscious entrepreneurs made when they created and grew their businesses, and how you can avoid them.

*How to grow your business from anywhere in the world—yes, anywhere—and live a fun, freedom-filled lifestyle!

The first interview releases October 24th, and the series will only be available for a short time.

Trust your YES in RECEIVING this epic inundation of consciousness expanding soul activating guidance.

Can’t wait to share more with you soon!

xx Syd