Why Are You Really Here

Who else are you here for? Why else other than to fully fall completely madly in love with you?

Yesterday I felt such an intensity of energy pouring through me which my mind may have liked to rationalize as confusion or shifting perception around my purpose and how I’m most called to serve my soul mission.

You too?

Feels like a theme of this astrological transit is authenticity and genuine expression of your highest excitement and genius gifts.

If you’re not in full alignment with what you know you love – in life, in love, in biz, in all relations – what are you really up to?

Pretending to fit into a box?

To be understood?

To stay in the familiar?

To do what you’ve been doing because it’s safe?

You know you’re called to re-align now and again, it’s part of the path you’ve chosen: what are you really here for and what are you committed to creating no matter what? There’s no time to waste.

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 12.53.01 PM.png

And the moment to drop what truly doesn’t serve you has never been more clear.

Any energy of have to or should relating to ways you spend your precious vital life force – can you let it go completely?

Afraid everything will fall apart if you do?

Sometimes that’s the greatest blessing we can ever ask for and yet we never think to ask for precisely that – a recalibration of monumental proportions.

Let it all fall away – anything that’s not absolutely true for you – to make way for your soul mission, your dharma, your deepest calling to simply shine through.

It’s been there all along.

How do you choose to live when you know no one else is watching? And when you know you’re here to play YOUR most extraordinary game, for you? When you know what’s for you is always inevitably meant to bless the whole of everyone else 💕

And so it is 🙏🏼

Be kind to yourself. This energy has felt like an amplification of self criticism and judgement for me at times: we can all be our own most intense critic. Be mindful of how you speak to yourself and how you acknowledge yourself and love yourself.

How can you be more sweet and loving to YOU today?

What would feel best to experience and awaken to today?

How can you best support yourself? 💕

Published by Sydney Campos


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