Ep 37: David Sauvage | The Future Is Feeling

David Sauvage is an empath: he feels other people’s emotions and reflects back what is going on with them at the deepest level. The Guardian and Vice profiled him as a master of his craft. He consults for companies on how to integrate empathy into their culture; he teaches empaths how to cope and thrive; and he performs intuitive readings in art galleries, in virtual reality, in theaters and at festivals. He performed at South by Southwest. And he is fresh off a sold out run of a one man show where he enacted his story.

David has the power to close his eyes, open himself up, connect, and feel what the other person feels. For some, it may be overwhelming – but to David, it’s a blessing.

He has been helping other people dig deep into themselves and guide them back.  David does intuitive readings as performance art. He has been running shows in art galleries and on YouTube.

Learn more about David on www.empath.nyc

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