Ep #35: Charlene Jessica Parker | Live Your Legacy: Embodied Evolutionary Leadership

Charlene is a self mastery coach who guide’s leaders to be powerful creators, live well, love fiercely & evolve spiritually.   She is a masterful curator and facilitator, hosting intimate retreats, workshops, large scale events, and programs both live and online. Some of her latest creation’s are: the Legacy Experience – programs and live events for Evolutionary Women, Art of Ritual- a live 8 week program, Living Artfully – an immersive event series, Life by Design workshops and one of her fav’s; Inner Space Journey: a synthesis of breath work, meditation, movement, connection and sound to access higher states of consciousness.

In this episode we dive IN to Charlene’s unique genius and most notably, how we can all live our masterful legacy.
Charlene’s deep wisdom and artful approach to facilitation and coaching is incredibly vibrant and amplified by her 1,000s+ of hours of truly multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional trainings and activations she continues to undertake to expand into more graceful leadership and divine service.
In the past 8 years she has co-founded 3 companies (with another in the works), raised capital, co-produced large scale music and art festivals, served as her father’s caretaker before he passed, traveled the world, underwent several surgeries, built communities and networks… and these are just some of the transformational highlights.
Tune IN with us to learn how you too can live your soul-powered legacy.

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