Ep. 34: Zdravko Stefanovic | Psychedelics: Technology for Consciousness

Zdravko is a published author-poet and a speaker on psychedelic medicines, consciousness and attempts to provide guidance while being guided himself.

Universal intuition, novelty and impersonal perception blended together with a very much personal perception and an intention to remain spiritual in the flesh signifies Zdravko’s path and use of language.

Visionary Souls Podcast with Visionary Author, Consciousness Explorer + Psychedelic Advocate Zdravko Stefanovic jamming on:

* Psychedelics as technological tools for consciousness awakening and healing
* Transcending linear time-space reality with or without substances
* How our bodies are designed to truly operate in bliss and infinite expansion
* Accessing higher realms of consciousness through dance, movement, sound
* Sharing my experience with psychedelics, healing and awakening both when I used them for escapism and then later on as evolutionary activation and embodiment

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