Divinity Codes Mastery Starts 9/9

And trust me, this is going to be an incredible journey into your entirely new UPGRADED paradigm: one in which desire leads the way, inspiration is your guiding light and PLEASURE, PURPOSE, PROSPERITY and POWER embodied in every moment is the new norm.

This is the program I wish I had when I was born, when I got sober and started feeling my emotions and intuition again, and especially when I went through my spiritual bottom with financial scarcity close to two years ago.

This program entails all the tools, techniques, practices, consciousness activation and energy mastery genius I’ve utilized over the years to:

  • Scale my business to multiple six-figures by revolutionizing my relationship with prosperity

  • Attract soul-aligned opportunities and relationships across the board including my soul mate partner

  • Embody my highest vision for every area of my life – living a life that continues to amaze me

  • Become magnetic for absolute miracles, again and again, all day everyday

  • Guide countless clients to 3-10x their income and quantum leap their desired results in days, week and months – not years

  • Somatically and spiritually release lifetimes of shame, guilt, fear and other lower vibrational energies that manifest as physical dis-ease and obstacles to receiving effortlessly all of that which you desire

  • Gracefully co-create with the infinitely abundant universe, receiving like a boss professional and celebrating how everything always turns out better than I can ever plan

  • Embody unconditional trust and faith in the divine plan unfolding, exuding a high degree of worthiness, self-confidence and radiant, magnetic light


Remember who you are.  

Enroll to join me today.




PS: Early enrollment is open until 8/24, after which point pricing increases. If you’re called to work with me, this is the last LIVE group training I will be conducting for the foreseeable future as I focus my energy on 1:1 coaching, writing my next book and my intimate transformative retreats.





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