Ep 30: Domanique Luna Blackwolf | Reclaim Your Divinity: Galactic Consciousness, Grid Work + Sacred Sex

Domanique Luna Blackwolf is a channel of divine shakti embodiment, crystal healing enthusiast, water medicine woman, and healing facilitator. She is here to help others reclaim their divine light through creative expressions of dance, sound, and meditation. She worked as a Conscious Stripper Priestess in LA for 2 years, where she facilitated deep transformative shadow work through her spiritual practices and insights as “Luna”. This pivotal time led her through many realizations of human desire, power and has evolved into a path of deep sacral chakra healing and womb cleansing for individuals and the collective.



She is now an entrepreneur of 3 companies: Venus Rising Gems, Hypnotic Mystique Entertainment, and her private practice as a Multifaceted Healing Facilitator. In her private practice she infuses reiki, crystal therapy, and sound healing in private sessions; and leads crystal healing workshops, ceremonies and guided meditations for others to connect with the spirit realm, their guides and recalibrate their bodies to their highest calling. As a descendant of the Klamath Tribes of Crater Lake, Oregon she is an advocate for the sacred honoring of the water spirits and is here to help bring humanity back into balance with the waters of our planet, our souls, and our bodies. She has her degrees in Water and Wastewater Sciences and integrates this knowledge into her sacred water medicine work. As an advocate for the Water Nation, sexual and creative healing, and ancestral wisdom, she is humbly honored to step into service for humanity at this time.

On this episode, you will learn about:

** Womb healing and releasing body armor programmed from generational inheritance ** Healing the sacred feminine and masculine energies individually and collectively
** Cleansing and commitment to self-care, self-love, and truth
** Restoring sacred sexuality – unlocking life force creativity + true power
** How to work with crystalline grids and activate your body with crystal healing
** Reclaiming your body’s sovereignty to access divine wisdom
** Sacred heart and divine union activations/alignment with SOUL
** Creating the modern temple within, so without AND SO MUCH MORE phew this was an EPIC session..so much gratitude for this cosmic transmission! <3

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