You Are Being Initiated

It feels like…this voice, this propulsion, this FORCE asking you to be clear, clearer than ever before, in answering::

What are YOU really here for?

What are the ways you’re continuing to HIDE behind security and the illusion of safety, convincing yourself that what you’re doing is what you’re meant to be doing in service to your EGO (which is designed for SURVIVAL) not your soul (designed to THRIVE)?

Perhaps you’ve been offered a ton of money to do something you’re not a FULL YES to recently: how did you respond?

Are you listening to the tests?

Or are you choosing the immediate pay-off instead of trusting your higher intelligence soul-self that KNOWS more abundance than you can ever imagine – fulfillment and deep sense of embodied purpose being the most valuable currency of all – awaits on the other side of your FULL integral YES.
Perhaps the identity that served you to survive up until now feels like its literally DYING away, because it is. Which the ego doesn’t know is different from an actual physical death. Hence the pain and fear ensues. Anything to keep going.
But really, aren’t you ready to interrupt the pattern that would have you continue the cycle on and on and on until infinity? Scraping by, dimming your light, settling in all the subtle ways.

BE honest.

You get to CHOOSE now. In fact you’ve always had a choice.

Your time. Your Energy. Your unique soul-powered vision = all your ultimate currency through which ANYTHING you highly DESIRE will easily manifest into creation.

Perhaps easier than you’ve ever thought possible, hence the paradox – can it ALL just be that easy, really? Even after all this time of thinking I have to work hard and MAKE IT HAPPEN?

Yes, of course.

So tell me, what are you CHOOSING now knowing how this game is designed to be PLAYED?

Seriously. ALL IN. 

It’s time to assemble the team. 


Published by Sydney Campos


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