Ep 28: Dijon Bowden | How To Be A Motherfucking Legend (By Being Yourself)

“Heaven is not somewhere you go when you die. Heaven is a state of being you achieve when you’re deeply connected with yourself.”

– Dijon Bowden

Dijon Bowden is a storyteller, musician, and life coach.  Since 2011, Dijon has been running a project called SOULS for Society, which aims to become a place that inspires more compassion, empathy, and synchronicity. SOULS for Society is a community of over 160,000 people on social media serves as a place for people to come together and authentically connect.

Dijon is part of a band called Indigo Keys, and they have just released Divine Vibrations, an EP full of joyous music crafted for everybody to dance to!

Dijon is also the creator of a course called “How To Be A Motherfucking Legend.” This is a course that teaches people how to identify and activate their inherent genius and make a living sharing their gifts.

This episode was SOUL much fun! Tune in for an immediate VIBRATION activation, attunement to your higher self and invitation to embody your divinity.

We jammed on:
* Making the unconscious conscious and the paths to FREEDOM + more love
* Loving all parts of self through honoring divine presence and DESIRE
* What it means to be a MOTHERFUCKING LEGEND and how you can ALIGN more fully to your genius
* Why creative expression is SO POWERFUL for unlocking your unconscious limitations, fears and self-criticism so you can be more POWERFUL + FREE TO BE
* How to embody your own divine masculine and feminine archetypes – personifying your own parents, being everything you’ve ever needed
* Activating your SOUL – channeling source – being an instrument of divine intelligence We ended with a FREESTYLE CYPHER YA’LL – radical self-expression, more please ❤

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