Connecting with Your Inner Child

I loved this podcast interview SOUL much. Tuning into a lot of what I cover in my Remember Who You Are Retreat curriculum and my book The Empath Experience – how our Inner Child is the key to unlocking our soul essence and visionary genius.

Would love to know how you relate.

Especially conscious visionary leaders in my network here – do you feel supported by yourself first and foremost in sourcing your acknowledgement, value and worth from within?

Do you allow yourself to feel completely confident in your decisions, guided by your own pure inspiration?

Or are you constantly wondering what others are thinking of you and at times even feeling drained by how much others weigh you down with judgement, criticism or otherwise worrying energy?

Loving and supporting your inner child is the key to unlocking your true potential and depth in intimacy, power, authenticity and sheer RADIANCE.

Listen in to find out why.

Tune in + share this message with someone who can use some truth, love + RADIANCE.


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