Ep. 26: Sarah Chappell | Waking Up To Heal Yourself

“One day, I woke up, and 2 gin tonics in, I just decided I had to stop. I had no reason for it. I was just ready.”

– Sarah Chappell

Sarah M. Chappell is an intuitive counselor, herbalist, and teacher based in Asheville, North Carolina. Sarah’s experiences with alcoholism, depression, and anxiety have led her to specialize in addiction and mental health. She draws on her study of tarot, flower and stone essences, herbal medicine, spiritwork, and reiki to help clients unravel their stories, create lasting shifts, and heal themselves. Sarah is the host of the podcast So You Wanna Be A Witch where she invites soul-centered entrepreneurs to explore the intersection of spirituality and business. Her work has appeared on Brit & Co, Unwritten, Daydreaming Wolves, and The Art of Living, and she has collaborated with Maha Rose, Space by Mama Medicine, apexart, Villagers, East Fork Pottery, and Everyday Magic, amongst others.

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On this episode, Sarah takes us back to the time when she was enslaved to alcohol. Unknowingly, she had been addicted and she felt helpless. Sarah also openly discusses how she ultimately decided to stop her bad habits and turn her life around. Today, Sarah continues to inspire others who are going through the same struggles she dealt with in the past – she helps them pick themselves up and become a better version of themselves.

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