How To Be A Visionary

What does it feel like to no longer abandon yourself and your deepest desires solely to please other people?

To live life truly on your terms – despite any fear or doubt that people won’t understand.

How about dropping the idea that you ever need to be understood, now and forever?

To feel safe, to feel included, to feel loved, to feel deserving of support, to RECEIVE.

You are here to create the future, visionary.

No one very likely will understand immediately. That’s how you KNOW you’re on the right path – creating something truly NEW and innovative in a world that desperately needs more LEADERS, less followers.

Authenticity is a hot topic and GREAT buzz word but how often are you really feeling SOMEONE let alone yourself showing up ALL THE WAY in full authenticity – soul-baring realness that has such a magnetic effect you can hardly believe how powerful it feels once it hits you.

Suddenly it doesn’t matter what someone is even saying – the content is distracting – its the feeling that matters most, the feeling we all desperately seek through tireless scanning and scrolling yet have such a thirst for still because where is the REAL DEAL?

Until finally we have a taste and its finally like YES PLEASE my heart is full, I feel seen, I feel heard, I feel WITH YOU, never alone, never was alone, never will be. I have arrived. Take me with you.

How do we activate this inherent magnetism and receptivity we all have built within?

It’s simple but like all great paradoxical lessons its not necessarily easy.

Are you willing to face your truth? All the way, the most courageous undertaking of all in this entire lifetime? What is REALLY in your way of allowing yourself to BE and HAVE and DO precisely what you came here for? And how about NOW?

Be honest. You are the only thing in your way, aren’t you?

What a relief to know there are no victims, only creators of your own most divine reality that your genius soul has architected to teach you precisely what you’ve come to learn.

So tell me, what are you committed to creating NOW knowing that you have had the power all along?

xx Syd

Published by Sydney Campos


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