Ep 25: Kundan Chhabra | Decolonize + Decentralize Yourself To Remember Who You Are

“Fulfilment comes when you co-create this world.”

-Kundan Chhabra

Kundan helps you simplify your business as a vehicle for creating that more beautiful free world that you had a glimpse of in your Awakening, mystical, psychedelic and flow experiences.

He does this by helping you discover your Greatest Gift (your Unique Super Power) and Deepest Why that had been created out of your Greatest Longing. Your Greatest Longing that had been born and grown out of your Greatest Struggle the way diamonds and pearls are created.

He then helps you embody your Remarkable Legacy in communion with exactly and only the people with whom you can create the optimum collaboration. Out of this service to the exact people whom you were born to serve, you experience the Deepest Spacious Fulfilling Intimacy with yourself, others and the world.


What you’ll learn:

* Alternative currency systems and new modalities of exchange

* Decolonizing language + privilege in personal development work

* Hegemony of language, deprogramming from unconscious stories

* Feeling it ALL to heal it ALL – true liberation

* Meeting and LOVING all parts of self to become the VISIONARY leader that you are

* The four stages of consciousness – moving from VICTIM to DIVINITY

* A new angle on repressed anger and Kundan’s various visionary frameworks for de-programming our limiting beliefs


On this episode, Kundan Chhabra talks about deprogramming ourselves of the thoughts that prevents us from the best. We all got swept off in a society that deprives us to experience the world we wanted for ourselves. The perception of other people of the perfect being hinders us to make up our own world. Remember, it is you who builds your own world, it is your emotional freedom, and it is up to you to create a world of your own. He also discussed the 4 stages of consciousness development and empowerment, realization of the system, the impact of the environment to individuals and our anger that we all have history with.

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