Ep 24: Naomi Ashcroft | Giving Yourself the Permission to Dream

“I came to the world to be great and to find that greatness in other people.”

-Naomi Ashcroft

Naomi is empowered by and loves the healing power of authentic storytelling. Beginning her journey as Founder of Noir Media an award-winning film + TV production and PR media company producing award-winning films, TV, sold out coffee table book – Celebrating Every Woman, and doing PR for one Emmy award TV series.

This grew into a global coaching practice that marries the interaction of business, freedom, wealth, and unleashing your unique superpower with a connection to a divine source.

After years of recovering from childhood trauma, and abusive relationships Naomi discovered sacred sexuality, connecting with the divine unstoppable untamed force that is within us all – unleashing our true power.

This has all led back to Naomi’s original calling activating and awakening the divine force within each of us through the healing power of storytelling with her new media company, combined with global business coaching.

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