What To Do When You Feel Everything: Empath Empowerment Intensive 5/14

In celebration of my new book The Empath Experience: What To Do When You Feel Everything, I am delivering a SUPER-POWERED LIVE IMMERSION – a self-mastery training really – on all things empath empowerment, energetic intelligence and discernment and intuitive mastery.

This training is for visionaries, leaders, conscious creators and YOUNG PEOPLE who are ready to learn (and enact for the rest of your life) the most powerful tools and practices for living your most empowered, abundant, thriving life in which you ALWAYS feel your best no matter what’s happening around or outside of you.

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We will meet in ZOOM video conferencing – our own magic sacred space for our deep-dive transformative experience – on Monday, May 14th starting at 12:30pm PST until 2:30pm PST. 

Please come prepared to RECEIVE a massive action-packed immersive training that will radically empower you to feel your best despite anything going on outside of you so that you can become the super-charged empowered leader and creator of your most extraordinary life.

We will start right on time and the flow of our intensive will be as follows:

  1. Introduction / Context / Intention Setting

  2. Guided energetic mastery meditation

  3. Live Expert Training on energetic discernment, cultivating healthy boundaries, knowing whats yours and whats not, clearing your energy, staying grounded in yourself despite outside circumstances and chaos, healing worthiness and transcending shame (the ultimate inhibitor of RECEIVING).

  4. Guided embodiment practice for clearing your energy and activating your magnetism

  5. LIVE coaching (45 minutes) for those who would like to receive 1:1 support

As you can tell already, this will be a truly life-changing experience if you are willing to show up fully present to RECEIVE what’s on offer and commit to integrating and practicing what I’ll be guiding you through going forward.


Please share this message with anyone you feel could use this support + tag friends to join us!

I’m inviting you into a new paradigm of self-investment for this experience in which I offer a sliding scale energy exchange that FULLY empowers you to CHOOSE how you intentionally value your own time and receptivity within this transformative co-creation.

Visionaries under age 18 are welcome to participate for FREE.

If you can’t make the LIVE presentation, go through with the registration process, enact the energy exchange of your highest alignment and you’ll get the replay immediately following the live event. ​​The replay is available for FREE for young people (under age 18) who would like to activate these teachings to live their most empowered lives NOW. Simply register with that note in mind to receive the replay.

I’m excited to share with you. You can prepare even more fully for this experience by tuning into my latest book The Empath Experience: What To Do When You Feel Everything.

In service to SOUL,

xx Syd

Intuitive Advisor | Author | Visionary Mentor


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