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Your relationship with money is a mirror for your relationship with yourself.


Money is a tool for measuring your own inherent worthiness, sense of value and degree to which you are fully open to giving and receiving love, which is the ultimate currency.

How are you allowing your truth and genuine authentic expression to flow?

How are you sharing your gifts?

How are you at simply receiving just because you are LOVE?

How do you love YOU simply for being?

If you’re afraid of money, how are you afraid of the parts of you that are wanting to be loved?

If you feel scared that you’ll run out of money (not having enough), how are you feeling like you are not enough (not showing up fully, not being seen, not feeling heard, not feeling worthy of any of the above)?

If you are jealous of other people’s perceived abundance, how are you not allowing yourself to show up more powerfully in alignment with your purpose? Jealousy is simply masked admiration in witnessing a truth you too have within you finally being expressed. Where are you holding back and why?

If you’re constantly comparing yourself to others on the illusion of hierarchy in wealth accumulation and status, how else are you allowing comparison to get in the way of you living your life on your own terms? How else are you allowing everyone else to make your decisions for how to live, love, feel, think and self-express?

Whose life are you living?

When will NOW be a good time to start doing YOU?

Book a call with me to explore how I can support you in transcending all of the above.

❤️ Syd

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