Activation Accelerator

I have a special invitation for a SELECT FEW visionaries that are truly ready to GO ALL IN on their vision like never before and take RADICAL action to bring that vision into BEING now.

Note: This invitation isn’t for everyone. SO let’s not waste any of your precious time.

This IS NOT for you if you’re NOT ready to take radical action in crushing through your fears of being FULLY SEEN as you’re ACTIVATED into CONFIDENT razor-sharp focused strategic EXECUTION to bring your DREAM LIFE + biz into BEING. As soon as you say YES.


Can you imagine what life is like doing what you LOVE, thriving in all possible ways, bringing in total abundance, and most of all – sharing your GIFTS?!

How SOON do you want to be EMBODYING all of the above?

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DREAM BIG. Have you given yourself the TIME and SPACE and GUIDANCE to go all in on your vision? On PRESSING PLAY on ALL YOUR BRILLIANCE you’ve been keeping under wraps.

You KNOW you’re here for a reason. You likely already have the vision you’re here to EMBODY and share with the world, don’t you?

What if you were supported in creating a graceful transition plan to exit your job in not 2 years or even a year but a few MONTHS (or weeks) or less?


What if you had the support and expert STRATEGY required to start putting your business together and launching your first offer with an ultra-clear message and positioning ASAP?

What will it feel like to be supporting the people you’ve been desiring to work with since forever, and witnessing them creating EPIC transformation in their lives as a result of your divine guidance?

What would it be like to CHOOSE to be anywhere you want to be in the entire WORLD for as long as you want?

If you created your own TIME and schedule to utilize however feels BEST FOR YOU, being your own BOSS?


What would it be like to no longer let $ make any decisions for you, and to instead fully trust your intuition to guide you in everything you CREATE and choose to invest your priceless time and energy into?

Really tune into these questions. You know your truth.

And ask yourself if you’re ready to go all in with me on starting this June for the 8 week journey of a lifetime that will get you to where you want to BE sooner, more gracefully and more powerfully than you can imagine.

This program isn’t for the faint of heart.

Since I go ALL IN with you (it’s the only way I roll..let’s face it).. I’m only inviting visionaries who are LIKEWISE ALL IN and able to FULLY RECEIVE my life-changing guidance + activation.


with expert support and strategy to bring your BIG VISION TO LIFE (while creating ALIGNMENT in every other area of your life too..because you know:

The way you show up for ANYTHING is the way you show up for EVERYTHING)…


So here’s the deal….

  • 8 weeks, 8 fellow ALL IN visionaries doing this accelerated work alongside you, including your own accountability partner ($10K value)

  • We start 6/26 and end 8/24 (but really, the program and work never ends because you have lifetime access to the community and the priceless resources you’ll be offered)

  • 1:1 coaching with me before you start to get you set up for epic success plus two 1:1 support sessions throughout the program ($4K value)

  • One 90 minute group coaching call per week on zoom video ($5K value)

  • One 45 minute live training from me each week (with live Q+A) on a highly curated strategic topic to support you in carrying out SPECIFIC steps + radical actions towards achieving your goals ($8K value)

  • Weekly assignments curated within my systematized process designed for you to:
    • Create your 9-5 exit plan, your DREAM LIFE FREEDOM PLAN
    • Lay the foundation for your business vision – offer, value proposition, ideal clients, initial marketing strategies
    • Strategy for initial launch and client outreach
    • Be guided through specific processes that will activate your visibility, help you to share your VOICE, and to become 1000% confident in LEAPING into the unknown as you PUT YOUR NEW OFFER OUT IN THE WORLD (be SEEN and HEARD)
    • Create ULTRA CLEAR GOALS and be held accountable to achieving them with rapid, laser-focused momentum
    • Create your business plan so you know where you’re going and what you have to continue building on (you’re getting expert consulting + coaching all in one – 7+ years of expert marketing advising experience, leading top strategy teams for global brands, managing multi-million dollar advertising + PR spends…ALL YOURS)
    • Be ultra clear on your VALUE: who you work with and who you don’t work with no matter what
    • Understand your SOUL CLIENT / aligned target market + create EXPERT empathic marketing messaging so your ideal market can sense you from miles away
    • Increase your magnetism in all areas of life: especially in LOVE, $ and creativity

If you’re ready to collapse your 1-2 year timeline into a few months and start creating RESULTS from living the life you envision and fulfilling your purpose…

When will NOW be a good time to start? Let’s discuss your application.

Book a call with me to inquire.


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