May Intuitive Soul Sessions

Feeling guided to offer a select few souls who feel called to go deep with me in illuminating what’s in your way of being where you want to be and FEELING how you want to feel NOW.

It is my honor and highest expression of my soul gifts to channel your Akashic Records, tune into your soul path, and guide you in understanding your lessons that are coming up to be transmuted and transcended.

I offer you specific, actionable insight into how you can take care of yourself to navigate your purpose and bring your vision to life with more grace and ease, while often simultaneously completing intensive energetic and karmic clearing.

Feeling an incredible surge of energy today that I know is being expressed and embodied in a multitude of different ways within each individual being – perhaps resonating like this:

  • An intensity rising to finally commit to being ALL IN on your vision and mission
  • An old limiting belief on repeat extra loud ((particularly a fraud complex popping up to test you as you FLY into a new level of expansion and receptivity)) because its finally on its way out, asking you to let it go. What happens when this belief no longer defines what’s truly possible for you?
  • An added layer of intensity in your relationships and feelings of self-worth in regards to your intimate partnerships. Do you really get to allow yourself to be LOVED this deeply? Can you love yourself FULLY and completely first in order to RECEIVE such a potent love in return? Relationships are simply our best mirrors after all.
  • An intensity in scarcity mindset and fear of running out of money or having your livelihood no longer feel like the WAY in terms of supporting you in receiving the abundance you truly desire. Are you really doing what you desire to be doing here on the planet – in service to soul?
  • You may have your supposed job disrupted in terms of what used to feel like a steady flow – are you truly inspired in service OR are you being asked to re-consider what you’re really here for and finally direct your FULL attention and energy to precisely that?

We are being invited into a revolutionary time of transition and radical action into new paradigms of BEING and co-creating.

We are being asked to take full responsibility to CREATE the realities we desire experiencing individually and collectively.

Know that what you DESIRE is not random and as you follow your true calling you naturally benefit and support the collective whole.

This is the harmonious intelligence inherent in divine inspiration and intuition coming through each of us so perfectly especially as we trust our good feelings to always guide us on our most aligned, enjoyable, flowing path.

Yes, it can be that easy. In fact, consider how it’s meant to be exactly that.

What are you here for anyway?

You choose.

xx Syd


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