I’m offering in-person curated VIP Days in Denver, Boulder, NYC, SW (Santa Fe, Phoenix, Austin + Sedona), Chicago and LA for the next few weeks.

These highly activating, transformative experiences entail a custom program to support your specific needs and desires.

We do a preparatory coaching session before our immersion to get clear on your goals and desired breakthroughs.

Your immersion can entail..

💕Business strategy support on aligning fully to your gifts and executing practical action to bring them fully to life

❤️Intuitive Coaching

💕Akashic Record Reading

🔑Guidance in cultivating emotional and energetic mastery

💯 Clearing anything and everything in your way of embodying your desires ways of being NOW

🙏🏼 Immersion in nature, or perhaps a luxury location I select based on your desires and what you truly seek to embody – we will spend a day FEELING what it truly feels like to BE who you’ve always wanted to BE now 🔑

I love working with people in person, there’s something so special about the energetic exchange that takes place when we connect in this way.

If you’re feeling the call to up-level and align powerfully to your purpose, your mission, your most extraordinary life in all dimensions (health, wealth, love, relationships, career, CREATIVITY, authenticity, PLEASURE and POWER),

I invite you to send me a message for your application.


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