Remember Who You Are

Absolute magic unfolds when visionaries gather together in person to align to their soul purpose, illuminate unconsciousness and shine light fully on the shadows upon their path leading the way towards complete TRUTH, POWER and LOVE embodied.



Wholeness meeting wholeness is true intimacy.

Not requiring anything outside of you to feel COMPLETE and utterly safe, secure and INSPIRED to trust life and TRUST YOU ❤️

Re-membering you’ve had the answers you seek within all along. Are you listening?

I pray for you to SEE and BE the light and LOVE that you truly are.

Two spaces remain for my Remember Who You Are Retreat happening in just a few weeks in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles.

Gourmet high vibe food

Daily yoga + meditation

Sound healing from two different incredible guides Larisa Gosla + David Romero 


Cacao Ceremony with the magical Mae Aguirre 


Activating immersions in::

🔑 healing your inner child

🔑making your unconscious CONSCIOUS

🔑embodying your full POWER and authentic TRUTH

🔑uncovering and activating your SOUL GIFTS

🔑deepening into greater INTIMACY with self and all others

🔑empowering your INTUITION, energetic discernment and boundaries

🔑cultivating FIERCE ALIGNMENT with your soul mission and purpose

🔑strengthening your inherent sense of worthiness and self-trust so you can RECEIVE easily what your heart knows you deserve

Open to men, women and couples.

Global visionary tribe coming together already from NYC, New Jersey, Houston and Chicago!

Apply here.

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