Celebrating Yourself Is An Act of Revolution

CELEBRATE YOUR WINS no matter how big or how small, no matter how internal or external.

We are conditioned to ONLY celebrate the measurable, data-driven, tangibles when really there is INFINITE value in celebrating all the ways you heal, transcend old paradigms, shift your consciousness and simply AIM TO BE present with your soul-self in this moment.

The third dimension wants numbers, charts and month over month growth to PROVE transformation and transcendence.


Your SOUL and higher dimensional consciousness needs none of the above. It’s too focused on becoming embodied so you can finally realize that the measurements aren’t nearly as important as simply BEING present in this moment in your body, fully open to RECEIVE the divine guidance and endless inspiration ALWAYS on offer to you should you choose to SAY YES.

Thank you for doing your powerful work to raise the collective vibration on the planet and expedite our entire unified movement into higher frequency states of co-existence and divinity embodiment.

We need you all. Every last one of you light bearers, grid activators and frequency holders.
You are so important to THIS planet..surviving, let alone THRIVING.

We probably won’t have money in the next few years anyway, not in the toxic fear-based way we’ve been trained to be addicted to it and overly dependent on it to define our inherent sense of value.

We already see this falling away as our previously ancient institutions and hegemonic power structures are being dismantled every which way more and more as awakening and disclosure become all the more eminent.

So on your journey, remember that your internal work is SO INFINITELY VALUABLE. And even if someone else says you haven’t produced ENOUGH results or TANGIBLE outcomes..your soul knows the truth. Can you celebrate what you know to be true? And rest easy in your knowing that you are ENOUGH as you are?

And in this space, you are the creator and receiver of all you desire and all that you believe you truly deserve, and so much more.

So why not focus your energy on cultivating deep LOVE and JOY for this existence?
You mind might not understand this logic. But that’s precisely the point. Your heart doesn’t need a reason.
Do what you LOVE and never settle for anything less.
Make this life about MASTERING FEAR and OWNING YOUR TRUE WORTH (inherent in your divinity) no matter what.

You’re here to transcend your human and remember the infinite soul that you are.
And remember you’re here to PLAY.

What an extraordinary game you’ve chosen to play.
The greatest quest in all the multi-verse.
To truly SEE YOU in all your brilliance.
And transcend duality, separation and all non-truths.

You’re right on time. Keep doing your sacred work. You’re in fact creating a powerful foundation upon which your full vision can be built so perfectly, so powerfully.

I see you x


Soul Alignment Mentor | Paradigm Shifter | Intuitive Advisor


Published by Sydney Campos


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