Alignment Activation: The Course


“Holy &^%! I thought for sure this would be thousands of dollars based on what I’ve experienced with you.”

– client’s response to the energetic exchange I’ve set for Alignment Activation¬†

Sure, I could “charge” $10K easily for this experience.

But pricing is arbitrary AF when you’re dealing in LIFE CHANGING transformation and awakening.

Alignment Activation (1)

When the gift you’re here to share is absolutely priceless, setting a price is almost too limiting within our intuitive, soul-embodied realm of understanding, isn’t it?


For this course experience, I want to serve a global community of visionary souls who are EAGER to DIVE IN and feel what it feels like to invest in yourself, feel what its like to be supported by incredible dedicated community, and most of all, get activated into your next-level life – in abundance consciousness, in full-power, in authenticity, intimacy and energetic mastery.

This experience is what I wish I had had 7 years ago when I was first waking up. And what I wish I had known even 2 years ago when I was starting my business. The culmination of everything I’ve learned and experienced first hand that I share with all my clients that is the foundation for living in ALIGNMENT in all areas of life, now.

The more people who are awakening to their infinite nature of true love, the more closely we are collectively on track to embodying HEAVEN ON EARTH.

This is my highest calling, and soul-service, embodied in this 7-week journey.

Will you SAY YES to YOU – and life beyond your soul’s wildest dreams?

Enroll today.

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