How to Play The Biggest Game You’ve Ever Played

WOW I’m SO THRILLED by how I am supporting myself in such magical ways to BE MY BEST OPTIMIZED SOUL CENTERED BEING – I love my tribe – I love how we share our gifts and help eachother SHINE!!
To give you an idea of how I am investing in myself JUST THIS MONTH alone, I’d love to share with you my latest inspiration so you can FEEL how much energy I invest in myself to SHINE as radiantly as possible, to BE ALL IN on my vision, my dreams, my service!! It’s the BEST FEELING <3
** Bridge Experience with Preston Smiles + Alexi Panos in June
** Breathwork Retreat with David Elliott – with my beloved + soul fam in New Mexico this May
** Destiny Mapping session with soul sis Jessica Jones next week
** Hypnosis with Morgan Yakus earlier this month
** Another hypnosis with light leader brother David Lion tomorrow
** Bodywork ((Reiki-massage-osteopathy-essential oils and SOUND therapy)) session with Aychele Hill yesterday (beyond EPIC)
**Bought a course from Amanda Frances to tune into her message, style, product positioning and vibe more deeply!
I am such a multi-dimensional being with a depth of needs and desires arising as I continue to grow through my new edges and challenges – I require similarly multi-dimensional support from a variety of change agents that are masterful at holding space and embodying the light and love that I require to effectively return to my own highest resonance and truth.
True healers do the work on themselves to embody their maximum light and unadulterated love so that they hold space for you to do the same for YOU.
There’s nothing to fix.
You are perfect. You are remembering how to simply BE that which you already are. Removing all barriers you’ve unconsciously created to shining your most radiant light NOW.
You don’t need to do anything alone, ever.
There is always infinite support available.
Are you courageous enough to support YOU in living the life you truly desire?
And asking for genuine support in embodying your truth?
Not everyone is actually ready when you first hear the call.
You might think you are.
But really you need to experience more pain and hardship and settling and playing small until you’re finally ready to LEAP.
Trust you’re creating precisely the perfect lessons you need to learn what you’re here to learn.
If you’re tired of avoiding the call and can’t stand to play small any longer..
And you’re actually ready to FACE yourself and ignite a real quantum leap – in all the ways you crave..
Calling in the ONE..
10’xing your income in a matter of weeks or months, up to you..
Creating a business that simply flows, that feels easy, that’s based on GOOD FEELINGS guiding your decisions always…
Becoming a magnet for soul-clients, soul-aligned opportunities..
Creating community that nourishes your soul and feeds your spirit..
Being SEEN in your full power, authentic gifts and true VOICE..with absolute confidence..
Feeling so powerful it’s almost terrifying at first to feel so much energy flow through your physical body..its electric
To experience deeper desire and pleasure than you’ve ever imagined but you’ve known is possible – you just never thought it could be YOURS…now.
Living life as a series of synchronicities, magic and miracles – as the most normal experience ever…
Of course its the most normal thing ever.
You deserve it.
But you’ve got to be WILLING TO SEE the truth.
And align yourself accordingly to what your soul already knows.
Drop the mental gymnastics keeping you in the same place, ruminating in the same story over and over.
Keeping you living out of integrity with yourself and infinite other beings – isn’t it exhausting pretending?
Get to the root of what’s keeping you stuck.
If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve absolutely positively got to do MANY THINGS you’ve never done.
This happens to be my specialty my loves – activating you to your soul consciousness, to take radical action in alignment with your AUTHENTIC TRUTH and nothing less.
Nothing less ever again.
Nothing less than what you truly deserve.
xx Syd
Soul Alignment Mentor | Intuitive Advisor | Quantum Leap Activator

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