Ep18: Emily Gallagher | 10x’ing, Conscious Boss-ing + Vulnerability

“I wouldn’t let fear be the guiding decision for me anymore. I wouldn’t let fear be the reason WHY NOT.”

– Emily Gallagher

Emily is the Creator & Founder of Conscious Boss, a conscious business that has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs privately, through Emily’s group coaching programmes, and events. She is deeply committed to creating a Conscious Community for collaboration, connection, and empowerment.

“What can I deliver in excellence on and not just what I can do?”

Having built her own business on these very same foundations and principles, Emily is now travelling the world and sharing this message of potential and possibility with a growing audience of Conscious Bosses & entrepreneurs. Emily is also the NZ Ambassador for Womens Entrepreneur Day.

In this epic activation we tune into:

* How 10xing your business and scaling your vision requires following your GOOD FEELINGS
* The distinction between vulnerability and being fully free and owning your emotions
* Our respective challenges with not-enoughness and playing small in various ways along this path
* The necessity of self-investment in taking your vision to the next-level
* Why it’s so important to surround yourself with people who inspire you to embody your best self

And SOUL much more.

Learn more about Emily here: www.consciousboss.com


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