It could all be NOW

I was guided this week to PAUSE On some of the things I was excited to announce last week. That’s a big lesson I am always in practice of learning and inviting others into – its okay to change, even at a moments notice, even if I already said I was going to share something – it doesn’t feel aligned to do it anymore, so I am trusting my best feelings to know the divine plan better than my ego-based mind that would have me care more about “how it all looks” instead.
I’ve practice following my good feelings enough to know that they always avail me to experiencing more of the divine flow then I can ever intellectually understand.
I’m excited to see what emerges, especially after the new moon portal. I was feeling inspired and compelled to share more donation-based events such as group coaching in an effort to inspire deep discourse and healing around money, worthiness, power, shame – how we value ourselves, our time..bringing up the arbitrary-ness of pricing something that is truly infinite and many questions emerging that I feel are best discussed in group/community as this is essentially diving into the collective shadow inherent in capitalism.
I’m tabling that for now, trusting that more will be revealed particularly regarding how I can best be of service to the truth on offer within this larger discussion.
More than anything I know my path here in this lifetime is one of mastery, which entails being fully actualized in my own abundance, one-ness consciousness so I can continue to hold space for other’s transformation into their own heart-soul centered existences.
You see, the illusion of scarcity, fear, separation is all taught – all stories.
As soon as we decide, especially collectively but at first individually, to tell new stories..we can be free.
And the most exciting thing of all?
This could all happen this instant.
If more of us decided to stop believing in lies.
And living accordingly to disallow anything outside of ourselves to make our decisions.
If you really think about it and moreso FEEL into it –
to not listen to our bodys intuitive wisdom thats constantly streaming through to instead let a programmed, conditioned, manipulated mind run the show – is ridiculous. It just is.
If you really want something, you’ll create it. Either unconsciously or consciously.
Until you learn the lesson your soul is choosing to learn.
You’ll keep attracting fear and triggers until you’re willing to do the deeper work required to make your unconscious wounding conscious. That’s just how it goes. And you have the keys and the map, as I always say.
There’s not a magic pill.
Or a template.
or a guru to save you.
Can’t you see. You’re IT. You’re the ONE.
I wish you could see what I see.
And feel what I feel.
Sometimes it can feel lonely seeing the truth and the potential within all of us to be free. Feeling like so many are completely blind to the opportunity of liberation and pure bliss always, infinitely on offer.
But I trust that more is always being revealed whether or not I have anything to do with it the divine has it under control. Always better than I can ever plan.
LOVE: Let others voluntarily evolve.
Be an example of what’s possible
When you listen to your heart
and trust your soul
to lead you into your most aligned, divinely inspired life
in service to your mission
that only you can fulfill
that is the best feeling
the nourishment we all crave
at which point we can meet in the space
we’ve always dreamed of meeting in
where we see us as one
true equals
creating eachother
so perfectly on time
in true love
I love you.

Published by Sydney Campos


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