I’m Speaking in SF + LA Soon

I’m speaking at Evolving Caravan in SF and LA the next two weekends! Come play as we dive head first into the intersection of consciousness, new technology and human potential.

I will be delivering a talk on empaths, intuitive mastery and what’s required of leadership in the new paradigm.

The Evolving Caravan is an ever changing fellowship of seekers traveling the world mapping the nodes of the Silk Road of human evolution.

We visit individuals & places, explore conscious tech, businesses, organizations, cities, and nations that influence the evolution of individual and collective consciousness. At selected stops we teach the findings of our individual journeys and learn about the findings of others. We invite fellow seekers to join us for the journey or a part of it, either for the experience or for an opportunity to speak at the events we co-organize at the different stops.

Our vision is to make the Evolving Caravan run continuously, offering a nomadic peak experience accessible throughout the year to explore and connect the nodes dedicated to human evolution from academic institutions and research centers to festivals, unique natural locations, individuals and communities, so as to not only map existing nodes but facilitate the creation of new ones in locations that have the potential for year long activity to aid the universal quest for wisdom, meaning and purpose.


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