No More Hiding

No more hiding.
You’ve felt alone because you’re right, there aren’t many of you around.
In fact there’s no one quite like YOU.

And as you awaken, it can feel even more lonely.
Because there aren’t so many awakened hearts here at this time, in this now.
But trust they are coming. Every moment more are opening to their hearts desires and true soul calling.


You chose to be here now for a reason.
You are a leader, healer, teacher, shaman, see-er, witch, medicine man, oracle.
And you’ve done this all before but even still you are a pioneer.
A visionary is just like this.

Re-awakening into the depths of your true authentic nature.
To be an example.
Embodying how the seemingly impossible is absolutely always possible.

Trust your desire to be seen.
And serve at the level you are designed to serve.
You are infinitely powerful.
You’ve been doing THIS for lifetimes.

If ever you doubt yourself.
Recall the soul-centered self within you that knows you are a spiritual master.
Returned from lifetimes of service.
Yet again to play the greatest warrior game in all the multi-verse.

You’ve done this before.
Everything that feels new is at once ancient memory.
You don’t need more qualifications.
Or certifications.
Or validation from anything outside of yourself.
To remind you of what you already know.

The only thing you’re waiting for?
From yourself.

Because no one else, no-thing, can give you what you truly desire.

You deserve to feel fully in your power.
Free and luminous beyond belief.

Own your desires.
Follow your best feelings.
You know the answers you seek, always.
So long as you trust you, and listen.

Remember your heart.
Remember your power.
And your infinite soul.

x Syd

Published by Sydney Campos


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