Ep15: Akara Sophia | Sacred Wealth, Mystery Schools + 5D Divinity

“You need to follow that bliss.”

– Akara Sophia

Akara is a Magdalene Priestess, Tantric Wisdom Teacher and the creator of Sacred Wealth: a Mystery School, Healing modality, and spiritual path for noble leaders of the New paradigm.

After witnessing violent fraternity hazing rituals at an Ivy League college early in her adult life, Akara committed herself to healing the wounds of “Dominator Cultures” & re-awakening the archetype of the Noble Leader who honors the Feminine and All Life as Sacred.



Sacred Wealth is the expression of this healing journey. A mystery school, a healing modality, and a spiritual path for Noble Leaders of the New Age, Sacred Wealth is designed to release individuals from the programming of pain & disempowerment at the hands of a corrupt money system and support the healthy integration of money & power as expressions of the Divine Love in service to one’s Life Purpose.

In addition to Sacred Wealth, Akara also runs the popular online course “The Magdalene Wounds” and works as a medium and spiritually-based life & business coach for clients around the world.

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