Ep14: Aaron Kleinerman | Sex Magic, Tantra + Awakening

“Sexuality is the primal force of our existence.”

– Aaron Kleinerman

Aaron Kleinerman is a Transformational Coach & Facilitator. He assists individuals from experiencing inner and outer chaos to true authentic power. He helps people to step boldly outside of their comfort zone and into their inherent creative and erotic genius. For over a decade now, he has dedicated his time and energy to perpetual self-discovery while coaching humans to awaken and remember their heart’s unique wisdom.

“When we can see it through the eyes of God, the eyes of enlightenment, the eyes of joy – then we can say YES to life!”

Aaron transformed from a licensed navigator of the seas to assisting people to navigate their lives. He is a global citizen who travels, teaches and educates in workshops, private sessions and retreats. In his own journey, he transcended massive inner chaos in his youth, to eventually experience and teach about life from the lens of love and perpetual evolution. His workshops and retreats leave you cherishing the pure flavor of your being, while intimately awakening your pure divine nature.

Soul much epic magic, in this episode we dive into:

🔑 Embodying your divinity
🔑 Wtf is T A N T R A
🔑 Illuminating shame and unworthiness wounds in the way of true intimacy, abundance and JOY
🔑 Mechanics of your mind body and spirit and how to BE fully embodied as an integrated soul
🔑 Paths to spiritual awakening and why activating your sexual energy is quintessential in consciousness evolution
🔑 MONEY POWER PLEASURE = they’re all connected, here’s why!
🔑 Why raising your prices and owning your VALUE as a coach/leader/entrepreneur, going into your EDGE, is critical to delivering the divine service you’re here to provide

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