Episode 13: Jessica Reid | Soul Consciousness Embodiment + New Paradigm Play

“Fear is a liar.”

– Jessica Reid

Jessica is a Global Clairvoyant, Channel & Purpose Fulfilment Coach. Jessica connects and communicates with her spirit guides and many other light beings within her services to bring through enlightenment, guidance, insight, information and empowerment from the higher dimensions to the human consciousness – on a personal and collective level

Jessica loves sharing her light, purpose, gifts and message’s with the world through her online purposeful business.

On this episode, she tells us about her upcoming journey to the other side of the world (from her, that is) – to California! Jessica tells us about the beauty, as well as the challenges, of writing a book. She is a big believer in connecting with our inner spirit and that there is a better way to do it – if we really want to.

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