Episode 12: Sydney Campos | Secrets to Mastering Money, Power, Pleasure and Love

“That’s why I exist – to experience the fullness of abundance of love that is available.”

-Sydney Campos

For years, I woke up with fear that I didn’t have enough money or that I would run out. I mean, I did have a job and was living well on my own – but that anxiety of always feeling that I am not taken care of consumed me. It took me quite some time to transform my mindset, and now I am able to speak my truth and enjoy the abundance of what life has to offer me.

“What I’m really here for is to be visible, to be seen on a massive level – yet one of my challenges has been this underlying lack of self-love.”

I did an interview with Malaine Lea for her mastermind about money mindset and wealth creation. This is one of the most powerful interviews I have ever done.

On this episode, I share my thoughts about money, power, pleasure, and love – especially self-love. I have been focusing on discerning my own independence and being radically grounded with all things that are for me. Hear me speak about how you can you be in your own innovative uniqueness.


Money is simply an energetic expression of love and creativity.
It is neutral material. It doesn’t actually mean anything unless we assign meaning to it, especially if we make it mean something about us.
Allowing the amount that we have mean something about our inherent value as a human being.
Or using it to separate ourselves from one another – determining our sense of power, creative potential, freedom.
Money stops having power over us as soon as we decide to take our power back and realize that money is what we make out of it. We create it. We agree to make it meaning whatever best serves our current reality. What are we collectively agreeing to?
The status quo around money can feel confusing, absolutely. I’ve been there. I used to wake up in dreaded anxiety worried about not having enough – equating my sense of security and freedom to enjoy my life with the number in my bank account. An arbitrary number at that – even when it was a higher number there would still sometimes be a looming anxiety that it would run out or that it would magically disappear.
Your anxiety, your lack, scarcity, worries, feelings of stagnation and paralysis.
It’s never really about the money.
Even if every cell in your body keeps believing it is.
Money is a tool for discerning in the material plane what’s happening within our emotional and spiritual existence.
Would we feel motivated to transmute and transcend unworthiness, shame, guilt, separation and dishonesty or push into the next level of our creative potential if we didn’t feel stagnated by the very thing that we assign so much meaning to when it comes to our capacity to create.
Would simply feeling lack be enough to catalyze the deep work of transformation to be free?
Or is feeling a genuine terror of not being supported or secure in life what it takes to light the fire and commence the alchemical shadow-diving process towards liberation?
I love how your relationship with money tells me so much about your soul and what you’re truly desiring to transcend in this life – what you’re here to alchemize and ultimately embody.
I love how money is the perfect conduit through which we can collectively identify our shadows to arrive back to our universal truth.
I love how money can guide us back to our remembrance. Our divinity.
What’s your relationship with money?
What are your shadows regarding abundance?
How’s your worthiness?
How’s your relationship with yourself when it comes to valuing yourself accurately and feeling confident sharing your beyond powerful gifts with the world – no hiding, full transparency?
How’s your intimacy with yourself and loved ones?
How easy is it for you to tell the truth?
How’s your sex life?
How’s your ability to receive pleasure and enjoy the ecstasy available to us in every moment in this divine life?
Do you love yourself? As you are in this moment, regardless of anything you “do.” Just because you ARE.
Or are you still wondering what the secret formula is to take your business to the next level with a strategy, funnel or sales guru script?
A quick fix. Short cut to the finish line.
As though there is one.
When you get “there” maybe you’ll finally believe you’re worth it.
Money Power Pleasure Love

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