Freedom Is A Choice

And in this now moment?
Are you willing to tell yourself the truth?
And actually receive your honest answer?
How open are you to being the love that you are?
And sharing that love as freely as your soul desires?
Honoring your own best feelings and desires.
No matter what.
Without compromise.
Without people pleasing.

When you follow your own honest desire did you know you’re being of service to the whole collective.
Empowering every other soul to align to their desire more freely as well.
You activate the natural flow of divine harmony and synchronicity every time you listen.
Listening can be hard when you’ve learned your whole life to ignore your messages.
Maybe you’ve made people uncomfortable in the past.
Maybe you’ve even heard them say shut up or I don’t get you or I don’t like that.
And made it mean something about you.
Can you forgive yourself now?
You may be the only one you’re waiting for.
To set yourself free.
What story have you been sticking to?
Choosing to believe someone else’s truth about you?
You decide your truth.
You decide what makes meaning for you.
You make the meaning that feels best.
How about that?
Do you know you deserve to feel good?
No, great.
Ecstatic. Blissful. Heart exploding loved.
So worthy of every single desire tour magical soul was put here to make manifest.
For a divine reason.
Part of an epic unfathomable all knowing divine plan.
The greatest game ever played.
When you’re free I learn how to be free too.
Seeing you live in truth reminds me of mine.
Feeling you love you invites me to gaze in the mirror of my own soul.
Do I love me too?
Am I listening?
It’s like we’ve forgotten we have angel wings.
And endless infinite support always present in every moment.
Emanating from our hearts.
While we instead wonder why the answer can’t come fast enough, waiting for it to arrive out of a logical mapped out plan.
Forgetting that the game is to trust the unknown.
Knowing at least it’s better than anything we can plan.
The game is Surprise and wonder.
Quantum leap expansion. 

Collapsing time and space.
Like we were designed to F L Y.
Remembering where we came from.
And our divine assignment for being here.
N O W ❤️🔑😇

Published by Sydney Campos


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