How To Stop Dimming Your Light


Happy full moon eclipse. Are you feeling it? PHEW I sure am. Amazing moment to drop deep into rest and self-care, meditate, reflect, CHILL. I went to the spa for a few hours after creating some beautiful magic today and receiving an awesome angel card reading with a dear sister.

I love connecting in intuitive space with other healers – we were both channeling incredible messages, activating eachother to share even more truth, riffing off one another’s clues. 

This is the power we all innately have. You are a channel you know, you just have dormant senses that want to be activated – and maybe you’re not quite at the point yet where you’re consciously wanting to activate your senses. I get it. I was terrified of my intuition for so long I drank and got high for 10 years to quiet it down so I could “fit in” and just “be normal.”

I was teaching today with my Alignment Activation program participants about the dimming your light phenomenon and how this absolutely needs to end. 

If you are a leader and a visionary – someone here to awaken the planet through, guess what, living your most powerful extraordinary life being the absolute embodiment of LOVE that you are – you can’t afford to dim your light any longer.

I talk about this a TON in my book The Empath Experience coming out soon..but for now let me remind you: you are here to ACTIVATE people into their truth too, simply by living YOURS as powerfully and authentically as you can. This is what feels best for all involved, trust me. 

After years and years of unconsciously wanting to take care of everyone else first – maybe if they were all happy I could finally deserve to feel happy too, feeling everyone else’s feelings without knowing it, taking on so much responsibility to take care of their state without even knowing it, feeling totally exhausted, I would dim my light again and again, settling to meet people at a level that felt comfortable FOR THEM.

And really for me too – because I was comfortable playing small, pretending to be less powerful, less magnificent that I really am. Hiding my power. Hiding my LIGHT. Terrified of actually being SEEN for my true self. I couldn’t see myself anyway because I still had so much unworthiness and fear of my own power to work through..have you seen my video on the witch wound and mother wound speaking to precisely this phenomenon?

So how did I learn to TURN ON THE LIGHT, ALL THE WAY ON?

It’s taken years..but the journey can be boiled down to this simple revelation that I now invite you to consider:

It is in service to YOU and to EVERYONE AROUND YOU to shine your light as fearlessly and FIERCELY as possible.
Show up in FULL POWER.
As you do, you invite others to meet you in their authentic power too.
Be the invitation.
Be the permission for others to shine too.

You can handle it. There’s unworthiness to work through, sure. There’s fear of loneliness if you shine to bright – will no one really understand you after all and you’ll be alone? NO you’ll actually magnetize your soul tribe and more aligned relationships that you can even imagine.

How do you SHOW UP not giving a fuck what anyone thinks of you?


By taking care of yourself RADICALLY. LOVINGLY.
Putting yourself first.
Slowing down to REST AND RELAX. Especially if doing so doesn’t make sense to your logical mind that’s always been so good at keeping you MOVING and BUSY.

Check in with your SOUL and INTUITIVE guidance that always knows what’s best for you – asking what you really need in this moment, how can you give it to yourself NOW? Don’t wait.

Are you committed to a healing, spiritual practice? Start now. 

Share your truth in a way that feels challenging. 

What do you really have to lose?

My Alignment Alchemy Challenge will support you with all of the above – in 7 days, how FREE DO YOU WANT TO BE?

My MONEY POWER PLEASURE LOVE Mastery Course is also designed to help you activate all of the above, going deeper into boundaries and energetic mastery than you can even imagine. Radical revolution my love.

It’s time.

The planet is awakening.

There’s no time to play small.

You’re here for a reason.

You’re reading this for a reason.

We’re connected for a divine reason.

Allow this activation to be fully received.

Your invited to RISE into your fullness of TRUTH and share your authentic gifts with the world in only the way you can.

Drop out of your head and into your heart.

Feelings are your MAP to living your best life.

Can you trust your feelings to guide you?



I’m here for you if you’re ready to go ALL IN. My 1:1 work is extremely intensive and delivers radical revolutionary results in quantum leaps.

Come work with me in person in LA (AND why not come to BALI for my New Years Transform + Transcend Retreat too) to go ALL THE WAY IN on healing your inner child, healing core wounds, releasing addictive behavior and old toxic patterns, learning how to deepen intimacy and show up genuinely in full authenticity in all areas of your life – standing up for you, owning your LIGHT, aligning to your vision. NOW.

I can’t wait to PLAY.

Loving YOU always,


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