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If you’re having trouble sleeping especially the last few days, you’re receiving huge upgrades to your entire system (all your bodies: energetic, spiritual, emotional, physical, mental) to empower you to better support yourself = THRIVE.

Your intuition is being activated.
Your soul is awakening.
Your dormant DNA is coming alive.

You are remembering.
Seeing yourself as creator of your own most extraordinary life.

If you have never meditated, NOW is the time to start.
Consistency is key.
Start from where you are.
Have an open mind and even more so an OPEN HEART.
This is your best medicine when receiving such powerful upgrades.


Meditation isn’t just sitting still, breathing.
Move in a way that feels good.
But COMMIT to practicing.
Your practice awaits.

Give yourself permission to ENJOY LIFE NOW.
Your present moment happiness isn’t conditional on a FUTURE achievement or result.
Your life is happening in THIS MOMENT.
Can you be HERE NOW?

Trust me, NOW is the best possible place to be.
It’s where we can actually meet.
And see each other.
In truth. In love.

Completely open hearted.
Recognizing our divinity.

Published by Sydney Campos


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