Remember Your Divinity

Live life as though everything is rigged in your favor 💕💥

Because it truly is.

I was feeling off last night and after just a few moments of logically trying to reason my way out of it – following an old pattern of searching for external evidence as to why I felt uncomfortable instead of simply feeling the uncomfortable feeling and asking what it had to teach me – I finally retreated to meditation and let the tears flow.

Then intuitively started dialing into the Akashic Records to spend time in the healing unconditional loving energy that’s always available to me all the time. It’s hilarious that it can still take me so much time and discomfort to remember that I have such a powerful healing resource available to me all the time as soon as I decide to utilize it. I forget when I’m pretending to be just a human instead of the multidimensional infinite being that I am.

Within an hour of receiving such a healing energy transmission and clear insight into my questions – because of course I have all my own answers, provided by my spiritual soul centered team that’s always working in my best interest to support me and guide me in living my best possible life – I was back to ME.

And not only that I felt such a wave of immense creativity flow through me – I was channeling writing for hours and hours which felt so good. It feels so healing and empowering to share my truth as a process of my transformation and transmutation. For me first and foremost and then somehow magically what I share from my soul helps others to see themselves more clearly and access their inner truth too.

I love seeing myself and celebrating the radiant loving being I am in my essence. I am so powerful in my capacity to LOVE and be love and invite others to love more deeply.

I am so grateful to share this journey with a partner who sees me through all dimensions, and always stands as a perfect mirror for me to remember my truth. This is what I’ve always wanted but was never sure I’d actually find until finally it just aligned for us to connect, in the most divine way of course.

I love feeling so at home wherever I am. Evolving and LOVING together as BIG as our souls desire ❤️

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