What becomes possible for you when you commit to being ALL IN?

To live the life you desire.

 To co-create with infinite flow.

To trust YOU and trust LIFE.

To be SEEN in your most expansive power and possibility.

It’s time to ACTIVATE and embody your soul-centered gifts fully and completely.

It’s time to FLY.

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Alignment, flow, effortless ease and ecstatic bliss are your natural states of being. You are designed to fly.

Join me for a SOUL-FULL 7-WEEK MASTERY IMMERSION to embody your SOUL-GUIDED ALIGNMENT. Unlock your most extraordinary life of flow, effortless ease, activated abundance, and pleasure-filled BLISS.

Yes, it can be that easy. In fact, it’s meant to be. That’s what you’re here for.

ALIGNMENT ACTIVATION is unlike any group program you’ve ever seen or heard of before.

Going into 2018, what are you committed to REVOLUTIONIZING + ALCHEMIZING to live the most incredible life you can imagine?

Just like you deserve.

Full of FUN, LOVE + activated PLEASURE, power + PROSPERITY.

In which you TRUST YOU and TRUST LIFE.
And know your WORTH.
And act only in alignment with your truest, deepest desires?

DO you know what you stand for?
What you truly WANT?
How are you ALIGNING your actions to support you in embodying your TRUTH?
Do you know what its like to live in FLOW?

It’s time to drop the struggle.
Drop the old stories.
Stop settling for less than you know you deserve.
It’s your time to STEP UP.

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  • Want to start a business?

  • Amplify your PROSPERITY consciousness?

  • TURN ON your pleasure + power?

  • Become a MASTER of RECEIVING?

  • Activate your intuitive SUPERPOWERS?

  • Become a MAGNET for all you truly desire?

  • Experience deeper INTIMACY?

  • Welcome in a RELATIONSHIP beyond your wildest dreams?

  • FEEL FREE, in total peace and ease with THIS NOW MOMENT?

The way you show up for anything is the way you show up for EVERYTHING.

That’s why ALIGNMENT is everything when it comes to creating the life you’ve always dreamed about.
We don’t just work on mindset or energetic mastery.
YOU GET IT ALL BABE. Because your multi-dimensional self is ready to SOAR, fully embodied and integrated in your highest expression of POWER.

I am committed to supporting visionary leaders in ALIGNING to their soul mission NOW so they can EMBODY the POWERHOUSE conscious creators the world is seriously waiting for.

If you’ve wanted to coach with me 1:1 now’s your chance.

In ALIGNMENT ACTIVATION you’ll also receive EPIC group support, your own accountability partner, and access to some of the most PHENOMENAL teachers I know from around the world, including: Ronnie LandisCarly GrossOren HarrisMalaine Lea + Jessica Reid to name just a few.

In your own sacred digital container amid like-minded, soul-centered visionaries from all over the world, you’ll be guided through in-depth immersions focused on the following themes, with additional instruction from guest experts committed to expanding your consciousness:

  • Vision + Values

  • Vibrant Vitality

  • Illuminated Intuition

  • Mindset Medicine

  • Pleasure Activation

  • Activated Abundance

  • Infinite Bliss

Remember Who You Are. 

Remember Why You Came Here.




* Expert-curated, intuitively designed ALIGNMENT ALCHEMY tools and practices to propel your INSTANT transmutation and transcendence NOW.

* Incredible inspiration to RISE up to your next-desired-levels in life using powerfully targeted strategies to support you along the way.

* Get activated to alchemize the material in your life that’s in fact key to igniting your QUANTUM LEAPS.

* Develop a new understanding of shame, authenticity, vulnerability and how to access the true source of your most magnetic power.

* Individualized coaching support from Alignment Alchemy Creator and Soul Consciousness Coach, Sydney Campos.


  • THREE 90 minute LIVE group coaching ((video)) calls every other week

  • TWO 30 min 1:1 coaching calls with Sydney over 7 weeks

  • FB Group with frequent live updates + support/response to questions

  • Accountability Partner

  • Weekly assignments sent out via email

  • One live video training each week

  • Healing energy transmissions and guided meditations to activate you at the cellular level in aligning to optimal well-being, clarity and power

  • Live-streamed trainings with curated Guest Experts each week

Tangible Value

  • 10+ hours personalized coaching

  • 50+ hours group coaching support

  • 7+ hours guest expert trainings

  • 15+ hours curated live video content, healing energy transmissions and guided meditations (with lifetime access)

  • Infinite access to accountability partner + global soul-fam tribe

  • 10+ hours of curated transformative assignments each week (with lifetime access)

7-Week Program Investment: $1,597


Special Offer to 10 Visionary Souls as of 1/15 until 1/22:

$777 for the full 7 week program (foregoing 1:1 mentoring)

Enrollment closes with full payment due by 1/22.

It’s time.  

Here’s your invitation to LEAP.


Alignment Activation 2018 Program Enrollment

Full life-time access to the 7 Week Alignment Activation Program (without 1:1 mentoring with Sydney)


Alignment Activation 2018 Program Enrollment

Full Pay: $1,597






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