You Are IT

I see you. I love you.

When it feels hard and like you maybe wanna take a break, give up or check out, remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Whose life is it you’re living? For who? Who are you BEing and who are you being for? I hope the answer is ALL YOU BABY. All for you. Always.

You are IT.



If that doesn’t answer your immediate anxiety that’s likely being sourced from your own high expectations or wanting to be everything for everyone else..take a breath and stop moving for a moment to simply celebrate HOW FAR YOUVE COME.

What were you up to a year ago? How much have you grown? I bet a ton. Probably an unrecognizable amount.

Thank you for choosing to be here on this planet in this now. You’re a warrior, remember. You chose to come here for a reason. You came to play an unforgettable extraordinary beyond anything you can imagine powerful game.

You are a miracle made up of particles, here on assignment to share your unique gifts in only the ways you can.

Take a break when you need some rest, allow yourself to be held. Allow yourself to be a human having this physical experience feeling the pain that sometimes arises out of your incredible transformation and transmutation.

You can handle it, look how far you’ve come. Everything is in fact happening for you, it’s a gift. You’re being invited to grow into another level, more expansion, more openness to receiving, more love, more abundance, more flow.

You are learning to fly. You are remembering your innate magic and Super sensory powers of sight through all dimensions. You’re remembering why you’re really here and finally allowing the untruth to slip away.

Let it go and make space for more love to emanate through your BEing. You are so unbelievably beautiful, powerful and REAL.

I love you so much it’s overwhelming at times to hold so much light in my own heart. But that’s what were made for, we are simply pushing the limits of the perceived boundaries we’ve been conditioned to believe are real for lifetimes and lifetimes only to find they never existed in the first place.

I love seeing you through this infinite light that you are. I love the mirror you reflect back to me all the light that I am. ❤️

Published by Sydney Campos


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