Being is more than enough.

I woke up feeling like my cells had expanded overnight.

What a miracle to be alive.
In this body.
30 human years this time around.
I chose this life perfectly.
And it continues to astound me just how magical life really is.
Especially the more I’m willing to surrender.
To the unknown.
To expansion.
Towards my highest excitement.
Knowing that my purpose is joy above all else.

You see I came from love.
And so did you.
Here we are unlearning everything in our way of simply BEing that which we already know to be our absolute truth.
Sometimes it feels like I want to go home.
To the place where it all began, it feels so close at times.

But this is a glorious game to play.
And I chose it after all.
It’s a warriors path, not every soul can weather such extreme obstacles.
We are destined for greatness.
So much so that our souls chose to be here. Now. On this planet. Of everywhere else in the entire universe ad infinitum.
Because we are destined to transcend, period.
We crave evolution.
We crave consciousness.
We are our own deliverance.

In every moment you have a choice to be free.
You have a choice to move in the direction of love and liberation.
You always have a choice.
You are creating it all so perfectly, can’t you see.

What’s really possible for us collectively when we all awaken to our true power?
This is what excites me more than anything.
What can we co-create?
To love so deeply you can’t even imagine the magnetic synchronicity and infinite flow you so effortlessly tap into again and again.
Bridging multiple dimensions at once.
Grounding everything into your beautiful perfect multifaceted BEing.
Completely living your highest purpose.
Did you know you matter so much simply because YOU ARE.
That’s it.
Not because of what you do.
Or things you’ve known.
Or learned.
Or even healed.

You are.
That is more than enough.
Thank you for simply BEing.
Here on this cosmic journey with me.
It is truly a miracle to KNOW you in this moment in time. Of all the moments and infinite possibilities across all dimensions of time and space. Here we are. I trust it’s by no mistake.
Because it’s all so divinely perfect.
So it is.
So it all shall be.
I love you.

Thank you for being my magic mirror 💕


Published by Sydney Campos


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